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Who We Are

Retirement Resources Management LLC (RRM) clients come from all walks of life, but the one thing they have in common is that they are striving to simplify. For example, many times when clients first arrive, they either don’t understand the massive amounts of brokerage paperwork they receive, or they are not clear exactly what investments they own. Most importantly, they want to know whether they are on track to accomplish their goals.

Perhaps they have accumulated an assortment of mutual funds with no logic behind their choices. In addition, many find they have no formal written Investment Policy Statement.

In short, they are bombarded with paperwork that does not give them any real useable information. They don’t know what they own or how they’re doing . In fact, some clients have yet to take the first step of identifying their specific goals. This is similar to starting on a trip without knowing one’s destination.

RRM provides personalized, fee-only advisory services.


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